Air conditioners come in many types and sizes, but they all function in the same way. An air conditioner actually provides cool air inside your home or connected space by removing heat and humidity from the indoor air. It returns cold air to the indoor space, and transfers unwanted heat and humidity outside. Although many people find What is AC? Complete Information About How AC Works is not known. So in this article you will get complete information related to it.

Today everyone takes some measures to avoid the heat, no one wants to be troubled by the heat. That's why all the people keep making many efforts to remove the heat, in which many buy fans, coolers and air conditioners based on their financial condition.

If you are financially capable and are thinking of buying AC, then before that definitely get information about the advantages, disadvantages and how AC works, etc.

What is AC?

Air conditioner i.e. AC keeps our house or office cool in the summer season or keeps the place cool wherever you have installed AC. The place where the AC is installed, it absorbs the hot air there and processes it with the refrigerant and coils inside it and expels the cold air. Due to which the warm air of that place turns into cold air and the temperature of that place decreases.

It removes the hot temperature and makes you feel cool, that too without any sound, that is why now AC has become more prevalent everywhere.

Complete Information About How AC Works:

There are mainly 3 parts of AC i.e. air conditioner machine.


Compressor and Condenser These are installed outside the air conditioner room while Evaporator is installed inside the air conditioner room. The main function of an air conditioner is to cool the air inside the room. When you turn on the AC and set a temperature, the thermostat installed in the AC takes out the difference between the temperature of the atmosphere and the temperature you have set. And accordingly the AC keeps working automatically.

The hot air passes through the refrigerant through the grill pipe in the AC, which absorbs its heat and the Evaporator Coils not only absorb its heat but also expel moisture.

Now this hot refrigerant gas comes out through the compressor where it is compressed and due to which its temperature increases further, then this hot gas goes to the condenser where it cools down and turns into liquid.

After which the Cool Liquid now passes through the Expansion Valve, from where it is again sent to the Evaporator and taken out while controlling its flow.

This process continues over and over again until the temperature set by us is reached, the AC continues this process until the entire hot air in the room cools down.

How much is the AC bill?

5 Star AC makes 0.8 units in an hour.
3 Star AC makes 0.96 units in an hour.
2 Star AC makes 1.02 units in an hour.

For example, if 5 Star AC runs for 8 hours in a day, then it burns 6.4 units in a day, and burns 192 units in a month.

Benefits of AC:

The air conditioner gives you coolness without any noise, without any noise, so you can get relief from the heat without disturbing the mind.
By using AC, you get good quality cool air.
This gives you absolutely fresh oxygen.
Being an air conditioner, you feel comfortable to work.
Air Conditioner Ke Nuksan
If there are advantages of air conditioner, then there are also some disadvantages, then let us know what is AC Ke Nuksan:

Obesity increases due to the use of air conditioner, the energy of our body is not spent in cold place, due to which body fat increases.
If you go to the normal temperature or hot place as soon as you leave the AC, then you may also get fever.
Sitting continuously for a long time in the air conditioner can also cause you fatigue.
Lowering its temperature can also make you feel headache and irritability.
Air conditioner also causes damage on the skin, due to which the moisture of the skin decreases and the skin becomes dry.

At what temperature should the AC be run?

According to the humidity of the house or room, the room temperature should be kept between 24 degree to 30 degree Celsius. If the humidity in the air is high, then you should keep the temperature of your AC at 24 degrees.


It is finally concluded that an air conditioner is a life-saving device which is currently being used by millions. However, from an environmental point of view, it is not good to use them for a long time. Considering the growing utility of AC, we have covered almost all the essentials related to air conditioning system including AC Kya Hota Hai, AC Ka Full Form, Definition, Functions and Advantages/Disadvantages.

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