Today, when the condition of everyone is bad due to demonetisation and there has been a huge shortage of cash. In such a situation, due to the hesitation of repeatedly opening to make purchases and the trouble of remembering the long serial number of your debit card, then Paytm can help you in this. 

Although a lot of work still needs to be done regarding the online wallet in India, Paytm has still worked to influence a large segment and make its services reach them. Here in this article we are trying to explain to you, how to use Paytm. In a way, this will act as a guide for you, which is going to keep you focused on getting started using Paytm and its benefits.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a semi-closed e-wallet recognized by the Reserve Bank of India, through which you can buy goods from this website as well as pay electricity bills, petrol pump payments and cab services. Due to being semi closed, cash withdrawal cannot be done from it. Transactions in this medium are completely digital.

How to start Paytm Account:

Before you start using Paytm, you have to register. It has two mediums. If you use smart phone then download paytm app from app market. In the second option, you can register yourself by visiting Paytm's website. To register, you must have a mobile number, which will act as your login ID. You can also use your email as a login ID, but you still have to enter the mobile number.

So it is good that you get yourself registered through your mobile number only. After downloading the app or after reaching the website, you have to fill the online registration form, which contains simple things like your name, address and contact details. After filling and submitting this form, a confirmation message comes on your mobile number. It has to be typed and submitted at the place specified by the ATM and you become the user of the ATM.

How to use Paytm wallet -

Paytm is an e-commerce cum e-wallet provider, that is, you can pay for many services along with online shopping from its website. In which mobile recharge, mobile bill payment, digital set-top box, electricity and water bill, cinema hall ticket booking, data card and metro tickets can be bought. You have two options to pay for all this. Either you use your banking facilities ie debit card, credit card or internet banking or else you can first transfer money from your bank account according to your need.

How to transfer money?

First login for money transfer. During login, Paytm will send OTP or One Time Password to your mobile, which you will have to submit in the open window after login with your password. If you do not receive the OTP after waiting for 60 seconds, then click on the Receive button to get the OTP again. Submit after entering the OTP and you will be logged in. If you are doing this from your smart phone, then once you login to it, your account remains open till then.

After this, you will see the Wallet sign on the top right side of the home screen, next to which Paytm Wallet will be written. At the moment it will be showing you zero. Click on it by moving your mouse cursor over it. After this a new window will appear. In this window click on the cursor by going to Enter Amount to be Added in Wallet and type the amount you want to keep in the wallet. Initially, a maximum amount of 10 thousand rupees could be kept in Paytm, which has now been increased to 20 thousand and if you are a merchant then you can deposit up to 50 thousand in your merchant account.

After entering the amount you need, click on the Add Money in Wallet option. After this a new window will appear in front of you with three options for depositing money in the wallet. Debit Card, Credit Card and Internet Banking. By using these mediums you can put money in your wallet. As soon as the process is completed, you will see the amount in your Paytm Wallet, which you have transferred from your account to the wallet.

Paytm wallet benefits –

Why to use Paytm is a valid question. This should definitely be a win-win for you.

The first advantage is that the charge for the purchase or service made by you is recorded, so that you can complain about the deficiency of goods or services in a better way because the cash billing system is not good in our country at the moment.
You don't have to share your debit card or banking credentials with others again and again and the vast amount of money kept in your account remains safe.
Paytm gives lucrative offers of cashback i.e. you use its service and take its money too. Although this is not going to happen for long, but as long as there are offers, it is wise to take advantage of them.

You get used to digital payments with the help of small transactions, which you will have to adopt in the coming future. Paytm is an easy way to learn that.
The scope of this service is extended to petrol pumps and small vendors. In such a situation, it will be possible to avoid the purchase of such things, which you do not need, if you do not have to give open money or not.
Precautions while using Paytm

Paytm though is a very secure alternative to online payment as it generates an OTP on every login which comes on your mobile number but still you should take some precautions while using it.

Remember to logout every time you log in with your account on the computer.
In case of loss of your mobile, deactivate the number immediately and login from desktop and go to your profile option. There you will get Log out from all sessions option. Click on it. You will be logged out from your mobile.
Do not make your wallet login and password public in any way.
Do not store your debit or credit cards on the web.

Take care of these little things and you will find that digital payments have made your life easier than before. And yes, there is some difficulty in trying any new thing. Take the hand of an expert and start digital payment, Paytm.

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