After a few days of buying a new phone, if the phone starts slowing down, then you would think that in such a situation, this post will help you and after following the steps which I will tell, 100% effect will be seen on the speed performance of your phone.

Mobile phones have become a necessity for every person in today's date and if you have an iPhone then it does not matter, but if you have Android, then the curd of the brain must be happening that why it is slowing down.

Anger comes when buying a new mobile phone was good and fast, the speed seemed so cool that you would think that after this phone there will be no need to buy another phone, but it has slowed down in 6 months, so now What to do?

How to Increase Mobile Speed?

You can also increase the speed of anything when you come to know about it why the phone becomes slow because when the reason for the slow down is known, then after that you can also increase the speed of the phone.

See, when you buy a new phone, at that time there is no unnecessary app in your phone and no extra load remains on the phone, but as you install the app in the phone or fill the storage in the memory, then The phone starts to hang or slow down.

Suppose you had 4GB of RAM in your phone when you bought the phone and the apps that were installed at that time like WhatsApp Instagram Telegram Facebook used all this memory.

But when after 6 months you see that a new version of whatsapp or any installed app has come, then you will definitely update it and when you update, it may be that due to the new feature in that app, it will be the resource of your phone like RAM or Cache. Will consume more.

When it uses more resources, then other apps will do likewise, it means that the RAM is the same as it was before, but the app using it now starts using more, so it will be slow.

You understood that the phone was slowing down due to the use of RAM, but there is also another reason which is the memory of your phone.

Actually, whatever you do in the phone, it is from the memory of your phone, like if you played a video or a photo or anything, then the store will be in your phone's memory and if the memory quality is bad then the speed will be slow. It will happen but now you will say that you do not have the control of internal memory because that company gives it along with the phone, only external memory can be changed by buying it from your mind.

You are right to say but what I mean here is that, when the internal memory of your phone is also full, then the phone will slow down, so pay attention to all this. Now you have understood that for what reason the phone becomes slow, but now we will talk about how to make the slow phone fast, that is, what to do when the mobile is slow?

How to increase mobile speed?

The first thing to do is to delete all the useless apps that are useless so that they will not use your memory resources.
If possible, clean the data of the preinstalled app which you cannot delete so that the cache memory will be freed.
Do not keep much data in your phone, meaning do not keep unnecessary photos and videos.

If you have an app open and many such apps are running in the background, which you do not use daily, yet it is running, close it because it will make the speed of the mobile faster as well as the internet. Will work
Use Lite Version: Nowadays every app which is popular is releasing a lite version of its app so that if you do not want to use more features, then you can increase the speed of the phone using the lite app.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing which is very important and if you have read this much then it must also be read that another scandal is happening in the phone world and that is that nowadays the phone company itself is slowing down its old phone.

You already know that the mobile phone company is launching so many models that people are also confused which phone to buy and which one not to buy, in such a situation, unless there is any problem in someone's phone, then why buy a new model?

That's why it has also been heard that when the phone company brings updates to its phone, it slows down some things due to business, so whenever you buy a phone, you must definitely search about that company, what is its history.

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