The use of Android phones has made our life very easy, and all this has been possible only because of Google and the Google Assistant created by it. You all must be familiar with Google, but do you know what is Google Assistant and how Google speaks. If you do not know .. then let us tell you that Google Assistant is a feature of the Android operating system, designed by Google Now. It is a co-assistant of Google, which can answer all your questions. The answers to all the questions asked are always correct.

But even today many people do not know about Google Assistant Meaning and how it works, so today we are going to tell you in detail about Google Assistant in this post, to know this article must be read carefully. Read.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google's own Smart Voice Controlled Assistant which mainly works on AI (Artificial Intelligence). In fact, it can also be considered an extension of Google Now. You can get any type of information from Google Assistant, apart from this it also acts as our personal assistant to do personal search.

It is specially designed to make voice commands more convenient in mobile phones and smart home devices. Like Google Assistant, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana are also assistants working on Artificial. And if you say to Google Assistant, Hello Google Assistant, Hi Google, Hi Google Assistant, how are you? Then you will get reply that I am fine how are you!

History of Google Assistant:

Google Voice Search was the earliest version of the Google Assistant. It came out in 2011 for Android user Chrome. A recent survey shows that 40% of commands to run mobiles in India are spoken by speaking. This simply means that now people are choosing a better way to run a smartphone. The Google Assistant is designed to be used in 31 other languages ​​along with Hindi.

How does Google speak?

Google Assistant's Voice Controlled Commands 'OK Google' is an expansion of 'Hey Google'. You can choose the Hindi language option to use Google Assistant in Hindi and by pressing the home button of your mobile, you can speak any information or any personal work like Google, set my alarm, I have a meeting at 3 o'clock. Put a reminder, call this friend of mine (by saying his name), you can get many such things done with the Google Assistant, and the best part is that Google gives you all this information by speaking the answers to your questions.

Features of Google Assistant:

There are many such benefits of using Google Assistant, which you might not know about, which are given below –

With the help of this, you can call anyone from your contact list without touching the mobile.
You can start the timer, reminder and alarm by voice.
With the help of Google Assistant, you can open any application present in the mobile.
You can control the services available in your phone.
Using Google Assistant, you can read the latest news daily.
Contacts saved in your contact list can be deleted through Google Assistant.
Using Google Assistant, you can listen to songs and also watch videos on YouTube.
You can also get the latest weather information through Google Assistant.

What can the Google Assistant do?

When you ask any kind of question to Google Assistant, it gives answer in few seconds. Hello Google, how are you speaking, Google talk in Hindi etc. Along with answering questions, it also does practical talks with you, due to which it gives an experience like a real personal assistant. It is much more convenient with its state-of-the-art technology.

It is capable of doing almost all the work related to your phone only with Voice Search, for this you can say Hi Google Assistant in Hindi in this way also in the home screen of your mobile.

What are the requirements of the phone to use the Google Assistant:

To use Google Assistant, your phone must have a version of Android 6 or 7, then only you can use it. Apart from this, your phone should support Google Play Service and the phone's RAM should be more than 1GB.

Nowadays Google Assistant service is provided in almost all Android phones, but if your phone does not have this service, then you can download it from Play Store in your phone.

How do I know if I have Google Assistant on my phone?

Whether your phone has Google Assistant or not, you have to say Ok Google by pressing the home button of your mobile phone, which will open Google Assistant in your mobile, after that you can use it to get any information and talk. can do.


Friends, how did you like this article Google Assistant, do tell us in the comment box, hope you have got complete information about what is Google Assistant from this article. Now you will be able to make full use of Google Assistant. You can also share our article with your friends. Thank you for reading our article till the end.

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