The country has stepped on a new stage of development. The Digital India Project was announced on Wednesday. Digital India Digital India is an important decision in building a new India. The Modi government launched the Digital India project in the country, for which Digital India events are being held at various places.

Aim Of Digital India Project:

Digital India is an important project of the Modi government, through which all Gram Panchayats will be connected through internet broadband. 335 villages will be connected through high speed internet.

To encourage the Digital India project, 'Digital Week' is being celebrated, under which the public and school students will be given information about the new telecom service and e-governance.

Prime Minister Modi said that to make the public aware, 'Digital India Event' is being celebrated in the capital Delhi, under which 10,000 people will be explained its importance every day. Along with this, the opening of e-governance project will be done every day. Project Vibrant was brought in this direction by Modi ji in Gujarat during his tenure. Now efforts are being made to bring this kind of thinking to the whole country, for which first of all, it is being started from the village, which is a good idea because the knowledge of the digital world to the village of the country is not as much as a needle and this weakness are in their development.

When was the Digital India Project started?

Digital India Project was launched on 1st July 2015 at Indira Gandhi Stadium. CEOs of many companies participated in this event of Digital India Project, which included Mukesh Ambani (Reliance), Cyrus Mistry (Tata Group), Azim Premji (Wipro), Sunil Mittal (Bharti Group) etc. were involved. Apart from this, it is also heard that Bill Gates can also participate in this Digital India event.

Benefits Of Digital India project:

Under the Digital India Project, everyone will be connected to electronic media. Along with explaining its benefits, it will be made aware of it. Till now people in cities have understood the internet very well but still the trend towards e-shopping, e-study, e-ticket and e-banking is only in metros. Even small towns are not aware of such facilities. While all these are very important for digitization. If we think of the village, then they are still unable to get computers and laptops easily. Therefore, this step taken by the government will make the public aware of the digital world.

E-Hospital Portal: Under Digital India Project, public will be able to consult doctor easily. Appointment will also be given on time through this portal. At the time of crisis, all the information about the disease of any disease will be easily given through this portal.

E-Basta Portal: Books will be provided to the students under this (Digital India Project). Any education related information needed. They will be given to the students under this e-Basta portal. Notes or other material related to necessary studies will also be provided through this portal. And anyone can use it from anywhere.

All the information for the job is also on the internet, for this also many government-run portals will be launched, under which all the information regarding employment will be made available.
Digital Lockers: Digital lockers have been provided by the government in which a person can keep his important documents safe.

Read full details about it:

Due to the Digital India project, transparency will increase in all the works. Due to being online, tasks like bribery will be reduced because all the work will be done in digital way in front of all eyes. Therefore, corruption can be prevented to a great extent by this.
Due to Digital India project, any work will be done easily sitting at home without any problem.
This will increase employment in the country. The development of the people will increase manifold.

Due to digitization, negative thinking towards people towards card payment or net banking will be reduced, due to which their use will increase and black marketing will also be reduced. Also the economy will be smooth.
Keeping the village important in this Digital India project will strengthen the foundation, which is very important because the urban people easily adopt the smart world but due to the lack of facilities, the people of the village are left behind.
Services under Digital India

What is CSC?

The full name of CSC is Common Service Center ie Common Service Center. This program is the strategic basis of the National e-Governance Plan. It was launched in May 2006 as an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India. It is the access point to deliver various electronic services to the villages of India, thereby contributing digitally and financially to the society.

It provides high quality and cost effective video, voice and data content and services in the areas of e-governance, education, health, telemedicine, entertainment as well as other private services. Its biggest highlight is that it provides web-enabled e-governance services in rural areas, which include application forms, certificates and utility payments like electricity, telephone and water bills. There are currently more than 3 lakh CSC centers in the country. 

Nowadays, the Government of India gives the benefits and information related to all its schemes in these CSC centers. These centers are playing an important role in the registration of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Apart from this, the CSC Center is also going to have an important contribution in the world's largest health insurance scheme "Ayushman Bharat" coming this year.

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