In today's post, we will try to understand the word Portion in the form of different aspects through examples. Here we have shown many parts of life, the fate of people and the habits and actions of giving things to each other in a better way one by one.

Revealing many types of short and detail forms in front of you, tell some descriptions, knowing which will help you a lot. Friends, you just have to read this article thoroughly till the end. Let us go ahead quickly and understand each point closely.

Portion Meaning in English And All Examples :

Portion Means in English :


I hope that by now you have memorized each small meaning and used it in many places according to your need. If seen, the way of working of each is different, due to which they use these short meanings by keeping them in their mind for some time or more.

However, there is some variation in them, which is not related to any kind of story located behind these small meanings. Which would have put many of you in trouble over time. To solve all your problems, we have written such a big post which will be very helpful for you. Let's start.

What is Meaning of Portion Means in English and Example : 

understand each meaning - 

- Share, friends, we all live life in a society living with our family. Here some families are big or small, in which there is more than one member, due to this the property is divided as equal parts because each's life progresses with time, then he takes some decisions to live in his own way. Which is related to wanting one's own property. Along with seeing many such examples all around, one must have come to know about such incidents in the news about big people too.

Fate, friends, it is believed that everyone's fate has been written since birth, but it is not completely correct because a lot of it is also in our hands. A person can bring changes according to himself in both his life and luck by his desire and work. Some people, for example, do get together while doing big things and we see some every day in the news or on TV. These successful people give hope to the people of the outside country and society that anything can be achieved in life. On the contrary, some people sit and curse only fate continuously.

- Giving, we can see this meaning with the spirit of benevolence, due to which people keep trying to make the life of others easy by taking knowledge, charity, religion etc. Many people all around who have more than what they need, they get virtue through money and food. Although there are different types of people present in the society, in which some work only for taking and some are engaged in work to give benefit to others. People who do better for the society are called social workers. Such people always work for progress in the country and society.

let go of all meaning with effect - 

- Giving, where can this kind of virtue go but in some cases it is done without any selfishness or with it. When a person wants to get something from a person in front of him, he also likes to give, that is, we can see it under selfishness. On the other hand it can also include thinking about the well being of others without any reason or desire to get it. Let us understand some useful points next.

understand all the meanings - 

- Part, it is often seen in the family.

- Luck, it shows some different aspects of life.

- Giving, it can be adopted to help others.

I hope that along with understanding every single thing very well from here, you and your friends must have taken good advantage of using them in many places. If you got benefit, then comment below to increase our enthusiasm. Come on and follow us by sharing with friends. Let's see you again with a new post.

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